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Identity Theft at Rix Investigators

Identity Theft

One of the fastest growing crimes in America, identity theft is a serious crime that victimizes over 10 million consumers a year, costing billions of dollars and countless hours.

Unfortunately, identity theft can happy to anyone, and often months will pass before the victim becomes aware of it. Identity thieves can obtain your personal information from your trash, your mail and even through legitimate access to documents in your home. Then they can use your identity to make payments, obtain cash advances and open new credit cards in your name.

At Rix Investigators, we provide assistance in identity theft cases by undertaking an investigation to identify the perpetrator to you, your creditors and law enforcement. In addition, we also provide identity and credit monitoring services to protect you from any future identity theft.

If you want to safeguard yourself from identity theft or believe you may be a victim already, please contact us to receive the prompt attention your case deserves.

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