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Judgment Recovery at Rix Investigators

Judgment Recovery

If you’ve won a financial judgment in a court of law you are entitled to payment by the defendant. Be it a large or small amount, one thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars, you are rightfully owed that money. Unfortunately in many cases the defendant delays or avoids payment. In these cases it falls upon you, the plaintiff, to enforce the judgment.

Most people lack the means to track down assets owed to them. Plus obtaining payments from known acquaintances can be awkward and difficult.

Let Rix Investigators collect your judgment for you. At Rix Investigators, we specialize in tracking down money that is rightfully yours. We have a large pool of resources and the experience to track down both hidden people and concealed assets. We do this using a variety of techniques including:

  • Skip tracing
  • Obtaining credit reports that are unavailable to the public
  • Querying our national network of investigators

When you hire Rix Investigators to enforce your judgment, you can rest assured that your case is being handled by an experienced professional. We’ve seen all the tricks of those who avoid paying their debts and are prepared to deal with them.

Judgment recovery is an entirely legal enterprise utilized by thousands of Americans every year to obtain moneys owed to them. When you hire Rix Investigators to track down your debt, you are hiring the best the industry has to offer. We will get results and find you your money.

Get justice and what’s owed to you, call Rix Investigators today.

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