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Rix is the culmination of concepts and strategies, whose roots date back to the mid-’80s when its founder began a career in the Private Investigation Industry. A time when, if you wanted to know where your target was going, you got in the van and followed him. Greenlight, red light, speeding or not. Pulled over by a cop or not. And if you lost him, he was gone. With today’s technology, GPS, and cell phones, and all the advantages that come with them, we can now follow more closely, zoom into every aspect of any escapade, and keep you informed.

While based right here in Arizona, our agents and associates reach World Wide, with contacts in every corner of the Globe. You can rest assured that if it’s far enough away that it is not cost-effective to travel ourselves, we already have someone we know and trust, ready to carry the case to a successful conclusion. Will we get you exactly what you want? Yes, the truth. And that’s what you deserve. 

Rix belongs to Statewide, as well as Nationwide associations, and has a pending membership in the World Association of Detectives. Are we the lowest priced? Kind of. Because for the price you pay, no other agency will provide you with the level of trust, effective work, and the results we will provide. Pinkerton’s may have more employees, but they can’t give you the level of quality, the timely reports, nor the one-on-one relationship we offer. Can you find a lower price? Yes, and always keep in mind, you get what you pay for. If you ever have a question, a concern, or comment, call me, the Founder of this Agency, at (480) 398-6115. That’s my cell phone, and it’s on 24 hours a day. And if you need it, it’s there for your well-being.

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